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The love we have put into creating this structure and the passion we dedicate to our guests allows us to ask you for adequate attention to furniture, objects and furnishings. The holiday home, unlike a Hotel, gives you the opportunity to feel at home and to experience the territory like one of its inhabitants and not like any tourist. Living in a private home, however, requires sticking to a few simple rules.

Take care of Our House as if it were Yours

To ensure a pleasant stay and avoid possible misunderstandings, please read the House Rules posted at the entrance. For all that is not explicitly mentioned, reference is made to the regulations in force, to the good taste and common sense of each one in the interest of all.

Casa Battisti is a private apartment that is made available to guests who intend to rent it for short periods. There is no reception service available at all hours of the day as is the case for hotels; therefore, every tourist is required to communicate by telephone to the owner of the property the scheduled arrival time, at least 24 hours before.

Casa Battisti has 3 bedrooms (one double and two double) and a double sofa bed in the living room, so it has the availability of 6 + 2 beds for a total of 8 beds. The kitchen is also equipped for cooking and having lunch no. 8 people. Casa Battisti is available to rent the house even to a smaller number of people practicing a discount on the full price. In this case the apartment will be rented with the rooms and beds requested at the time of booking, making the remaining ones unavailable.

With the reservation and check-in you accept these Rules displayed at the entrance and on the website

1) Failure to comply with the same will result in the immediate removal from the structure, without any right to reimbursement and with the charge of the entire amount of the stay, as established in the reservation, as well as the costs for restoring the damage caused to persons or things housed in the building;

2) Casa Battisti is required to register its guests and send a copy of the registration to the Police Department; for this purpose, all guests will be required to present a valid identity document;

4) The Customer will have at his disposal in addition to the keys of the room, the keys for the entrance to the house and the key for the insertion of the electronic burglar alarm; in case of loss of one or the other, the guest is required to pay the cost for the replacement of the keys;

5) On the day of departure the guest will check the safe so as not to forget anything and will leave it open, return the deck of keys related to the room used to the owner;

6) The introduction and/or use of the structure and in the chambers of dangerous objects, gas cans, flammable liquids, electric stoves, iron, free flame appliances, etc. is strictly prohibited;

7) It is not allowed to make any movement in the common areas, furniture, furnishings, nor to interfere or manipulate cables and electrical devices;

8) Smoking is prohibited in the rooms and in all common areas (Art. 51 Law 16/01/2003 n. 3);

9) WI-FI is free;

10) Inside the house, only for hygienic reasons, pets are not allowed;

11) Children cannot be left without the control of an adult in all common areas;

12) Children under the age of 18 cannot stay at the property unless accompanied by at least one responsible adult. For the safety of guests it is forbidden to introduce in the rooms people not registered and of which the Management is not aware (see below: Guests);

13) We invite all guests to report any type of problem encountered in the apartment within the first 24 hours;

BOOKING: The booking request must be made on the portal: (telephone 3393607919 and 3463909908)and, in order to allow the regular registration of the Guest, a copy of the identity document must also be transmitted. Having the availability of the room, a deposit equal to 50% of the total due is required, to be carried out on the following IBAN: IT89D3253203201000790833688

IMPORTANT:the reservation will be accepted upon receipt of the advance and only after receipt of the advance the house will also be blocked on the booking, air b&b, vrbo, and other affiliates; in case another booking arrives before the transfer from these portals, the reclaimed amount will be immediately returned and the valid reservation will be the one arrived first.

The agreed price for the stay in our apartment includes:

  1. the use of the house with all its furnishings with beds and rooms for the number of people who booked it;

  2. the consumption of utilities: gas, electricity, water, condominium, tares; the use of tv and salon, and air conditioners/heat pumps and autonomous heating;

  3. the use of the kitchen and all its equipment, laundry, safe, cleaning utensils.                       


A special attention deserves cleaning. The price of the Final Cleaning of the stay is contained in euro 17.00 euros, equal to 2 hours of domestic work, which involves cleaning the rooms with the change of linen, cleaning the bathroom and the house in general.

This expenditure does NOT include:

  1. cleaning of kitchen, dishes, dishes, cutlery, kitchen accessories: fridge, oven, etc.;

  2. the delivery of differentiated garbage.

Since the kitchen is not used by all guests, but only on the one hand, it seemed penalising for the former to charge them the costs of cleaning not due. So the rule adopted by Casa Battisti is that the FINAL CLEANING COSTS remain for everyone minimal and that is only 17 euros; everyone will find the kitchen in perfect order with dishes, dishes, cutlery, refrigerator, oven and clean accessories and in the same way it must be returned.

Otherwise, the KITCHEN CLEANING COSTS of 30 euros are charged.

It is possible to request a daily, weekly, or other home cleaning service, as well as the change of linen.

THESE ARE MANDATORY EXPENSES to be paid at check-in:


  2. TOURIST TAX euro 1 per person per day

you will find the kitchen clean and fervently tidy: it must be left in the same way, otherwise to be paid at check out:


Additional optional services are available:

  1. BED LINEN AND BATHROOM euro 10 one-off per person throughout the stay, or use yours;

  2. COVERED GARAGE H24 400 meters from the house euro 10 per day (instead of 15 euros per day);

  3. periodic house cleaning, tour guide, sightseeing tour, electric bike rental, scooter rental, etc.

CANCELLATION OF THE RESERVATION: the full amount paid is refunded if the cancellation is communicated within 30 days before the agreed arrival date; there is no refund if the cancellation is communicated from the 29th day until the agreed arrival date. No responsibility will be assumed for cancellations due to force majeure.

REGISTRATION: The guest, upon arrival, is required to present a valid identity document for registration, according to the current legal provisions.

REGISTRATION DATA PROCESSING: The data to be provided will be processed in compliance with the confidentiality obligations regulated by the legislation of Law No. 675 of 31/12/1996.

PAYMENT METHOD: Casa Battisti, at the moment, is not authorized to accept credit cards. The balance, relating to the entire duration of the overnight stay, must be made for cash at the time of delivery of the keys. Together with the balance, other sums will be paid for services (possible linen, garage, final cleaning, tourist tax, etc.).

THE KEYS:after payment, the keys to the front door of the house and the condominium door will be delivered.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIME: Rooms are available from 12 pm on the day of arrival, unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking; they must be released by 10.00 am the day after the last overnight stay.

GUESTS:The house is rented for the number of guests booked and paying; it is absolutely forbidden to host other people without the prior authorization of Casa Battisti and taking charge of the documents of the additional guests. In this case, in addition to the price difference due, the offender will also be responsible for the criminal offence of non-communication mandatory to the police and Casa Battisti reserves the right to act legally against him. Youcan add additional guests at any time by communicating it to Casa Battisti, paying the difference in price and delivering a copy of the valid document of the new guests. Casa Battisti reserves the right to carry out periodic checks to verify that the number of people authorized to stay in the apartment is identical to that declared at the time of booking.

SHEETS AND TOWELS. Guests are free to use their sheets and towels and be able to wash and iron them using the laundry and detergent made available at home. Alternatively there is a laundry and bath towel supply service at the price of € 10.00 (euro ten/00) per person and for the entire . It is strictly forbidden to use bath towels as beach towels and take them out of the apartment.

SILENCE. Silence is required at 2.00 pm-4.30 pm; 23.00-08.00. For the entrance and exit from the structure there are no timetables to be respected because with the key of the house is also delivered the key of the front door.

HOME SECURITY. The house is equipped with a safe, electronic burglar alarm, scratches to the fixtures and armored door. Casa Battisti provides services, rents the house and will not be under any circumstances and for any reason, responsible for the loss of the objects or other property owned by the Guest.

CAMERA. For the safety of all, a camera is installed that frames only the entrance of the house, in order to check any thieves or unauthorized entrances. The signs at the entrance make everyone aware of the presence of a camera. The images will be made available to guests, police and those who are entitled to ask for them. They will be cancelled after 48 hours.

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